Fix Internet Explorer has stopped working

Windows 10 , it has been replaced by the Microsoft Edge.  As soon as you start Internet Explorer, you might see an error message saying that the Internet Explorer isn’t working, or that it has encountered a problem and need to close. In most cases, you will be able to restore your normal browsing session […]

6 Ways to Delete System Error Memory Dump Files

computer memory at the time of the crash in order to help you later diagnose the reason behind the crash. These saved files (memory dumps) are known as System Error Memory Dump files. These are automatically stored in the C drive (where Windows is installed). These are the four different types of memory dumps: Complete […]

Fix Page Fault In Nonpaged Area Error in Windows 10

into the blue at the same time you will receive an error message and a stop code. Sometimes this error gets solved automatically. However, when it starts occurring frequently, you should consider it as a serious problem. Now is the time when you need to find out the causes behind this problem and methods to […]

5 Best Video Editing Software For Windows 10

5 Best Video Editing Software for Windows 10: In today’s world of technology, when people attend any event like marriage or anniversary or whenever they travel, the first and most important task they do is to take photos and make videos. They want to capture each and every moment through photos and videos. And when it […]

What is BIOS and how to update BIOS?

Whenever you face any problem in your PC related to keyboard, power or software like Internet connectivity, speed of PC, etc. then most of the times the problem is in some way connected to BIOS. If you consult any repair or IT person regarding the same then they will suggest or give you instructions to […]

Fix Enter Network Credentials Error on Windows 10

Microsoft Account . The network credentials window appears when you try to connect to more than one PC to share some files or access some data. The network credentials screen make sure that you’re not allowed to share or get access to the data from another system until & unless you verify yourself using the […]

How to Fix Corrupted Outlook .ost and .pst Data Files

Microsoft Office that consists of all the modules/applications which are required to operate an organization efficiently. For example, Microsoft Word is used to create documents, Microsoft PowerPoint to create presentations, Microsoft Outlook to provide Calendar, Event Manager, etc. Microsoft Outlook is one of the most popular applications under Microsoft Office. It is an offline personal […]

Always Start Web Browser in Private Browsing Mode by Default

Who does not want privacy? If you are browsing something which you do not like others to know, you obviously look for ways which can provide you complete privacy. In today’s world, one’s privacy is very important whether it is on the internet or in real life. While maintaining privacy in real life is your […]

How to Install ADB (Android Debug Bridge) on Windows 10

It is not possible to carry laptops or desktops everywhere you go. Instead, you carry mobile phones which you can use it for various purposes like calling, capturing photos, videos, documents, etc. But the problem with mobile phones is that it comes with limited memory and once the memory starts to fill up, then you […]

Install And Configure XAMPP on Windows 10

Install And Configure XAMPP on Windows 10: Whenever you code any website in PHP you will need something that can provide a PHP development environment and help connect the backend with the front end. There are many software’s which you can use to locally test your website such as XAMPP, MongoDB, etc. Now each software has […]