Delete a Folder or File using Command Prompt (CMD)

To create or delete a folder on your device you can simply right-click on the desktop and choose the desired options. Isn’t it easy? Yes, it is a very easy process but sometimes this method doesn’t work, or you can face some problems. So that’s why you don’t need to rely on one single method. […]

Remove Android Viruses Without a Factory Reset

Internet or even transferring files from other devices is that there is a risk of the files being infected. And once these files are on your system, your system will become infected with viruses & malware which can cause a lot of damage to your system. Android device , steal your personal data or even […]

Where is NOTEPAD in Windows 10? 6 Ways to open it!

HTML files easily. Notepad is a very light-weight application which is extremely fast & simple to use. Therefore, people find notepad as the most trusted text editor software when compared to other third-party text editors available in the market. How to use Notepad to edit HTML Web Pages Like any other third-party text editor, notepad […]

Fix Wireless Router Keeps Disconnecting Or Dropping

Internet is the biggest source of survival for many people and nowadays Internet connections are fast, reliable, and comes with various subscription packages. There are various ways via which you can easily access the Internet such as using mobile data, using Ethernet cable, and the most common is using WiFi. But how does one get […]

7-Zip vs WinZip vs WinRAR (Best File Compression Tool)

7-Zip vs WinZip vs WinRAR (Best File Compression Tool): Whether you are on a Windows or MAC you will always find yourself in the need of a compression software because hard disk fills up pretty quickly and you don’t want to delete your important data. Well, you ask what is a compression software? A Compressions […]

How to Open TAR Files (.tar.gz) on Windows 10

How to Open TAR files on Windows 10: PC’s can store a large amount of data and this data is not limited to the files created on the same PC but you can also download files from the Internet, transfer files using USB or external hard disk, etc. You can possibly transfer this data using […]

Troubleshoot Internet Connection Problems in Windows 10

Troubleshoot Internet Connection Problems in Windows 10: In today’s digital world everything is associated with the internet and you can easily pay your bills, recharge, shop, communicate, etc using the internet. In fact, today people try to do everything online as it has become possible to do all the work without even leaving your house. But, […]

Check If Your Drive is SSD or HDD in Windows 10

HDD ? These two types of hard drives are the standard disk which comes with the PC. But, it is probably better to have complete information about your system configuration, especially about the type of hard drives. It is essential when you’re troubleshooting errors or issue with Windows 10 PC. SSD is considered faster than […]

How to Create a Local User Account on Windows 10

based on that you will get personalized settings, your emails will sync automatically, accessing Windows App store and more. But what if you want to log in to Windows with a local account instead? In a situation where somebody does not have Microsoft account, in that case, the administrator can easily create a local user […]

What is DLNA Server & How to enable it on Windows 10?

DLNA server. It enables you to share digital media between multimedia devices. DLNA is quite useful as it allows you to share media collection stored at one place with various devices with just one click. You can easily create a DLNA server on Windows 10 and start using media collection of your computer.      HDTV which […]