How to Check Your PC’s Specification on Windows 10

desktop , it is always useful to get information about all its components. Check Your PC’s Specification on Windows 10 create a restore point  just in case something goes wrong. Method 1 – Check System Properties using the Settings option operating system version, processor, etc, you can get this information from the Settings app. 1.Press […]

What is a CSV file & How to open a .csv file?

In this article, you will get to know what is a CSV file and how to open a file which is in .csv format. What is a CSV file? CSV stands for Comma Separated Values. CSV files are plain text files separated by a comma and contain only numbers and letters. All the data present […]

2 Ways to Create a Guest Account in Windows 10

Windows used to have a Guest account feature which lets the guest users have access to the device with some limited features. Guests with the guest account can use your device temporarily with some limited access such as they can’t install any software or make changes on your system. Moreover, they would not be able […]

Fix Cannot Create HomeGroup On Windows 10

When two or more people are working on some project and they are sitting at a very small distance from each other but what if they want to share something with each other then what should they do? Does Windows provide any way so that using multiple PCs in the same house, you can securely […]

Disable the User Account Control (UAC) in Windows 10

malware attacks that can make changes on your system. It is a very useful feature. However, some people do not find it useful enough because they get irritated when UAC Windows pop-ups come again and again on their screen whenever they try to launch or run any programs. In this article, we will explain 2 […]

Google Chrome Not Responding? Here Are 8 Ways To Fix It!

Google Chrome. download and use . It is the most stable, fast and reliable browser. It is also the main component of Chrome OS, where it serves as a platform for web apps. Chrome source code is not available for any personal use. It can be used on any operating system like Linux, macOS, iOS, […]

How To Delete Temporary Files In Windows 10

You all know that PCs or desktops also act as a storage device where several files are stored. Many applications and programs are also installed. All these files, apps and other data occupy the space on the hard disk which leads to hard disk memory being full to its capacity.  hard disk memory is almost […]

Fix Printer Spooler Errors on Windows 10

printer is denying to print something, most probably it is printer spooler error. Most of the times when the printer resists printing on Windows 10, it is print spooler service error. Many of us may be not aware of this term. So let’s start with understanding what exactly printer spooler is all about. Fix Printer […]

How to Reset Mail App on Windows 10

There are several default apps in Windows 10 for example Calendar, People apps, etc. One of those default apps is the Mail app, which helps users to manage their email accounts. It is quite easy to set up your mail accounts with this app. However, some users complain that their emails are not syncing, the […]

Windows Updates Stuck? Here are a few things you could try!

Today, in the world of growing technology new Windows updates arrive almost every day. Some new updates are good and enhance our experience, on the other side some may cause a problem. But no matter how much you try to resist Windows update, at some point of time you will have to install these pending […]