How To Use Windows 10 New Clipboard?

internet , to write documents, to make presentations and more. Whatever we do using computers, we use cut, copy, and paste options all the time. For example: If we are writing any document, we search for it on the Internet and if we found any relevant material then we directly copy it from there and paste it in our document without bothering about writing it again in our document.

Have you ever wondered the material which you copy from the Internet or anywhere where it exactly go before you paste it at the required place? If you are looking for its answer, then the answer is here. It goes to the Clipboard.

How To Use Windows 10 New Clipboard

create a restore point  just in case something goes wrong.

The single Clipboard transaction supported by Windows 10 has many limitations. These are:

  • Once you copy or cut new content, it will overwrite the previous content and you will no longer be able to paste previous content.
  • It supports copying of only one piece of data at a time.
  • It provides no interface to view copied or cut data.

To overcome the above limitations, Windows 10 provides new Clipboard which is far better and useful than the previous one. It has many advantages over the previous Clipboard includes:

  1. Now you can access text or images you have cut or copy to clipboard previously as it now keeps it records as Clipboard history.
  2. You can pin items you have cut or copy frequently.
  3. You can also sync your Clipboards across your computers.

To use this new Clipboard provides by Windows 10, first you have to enable it as this clipboard is not enabled, by default.

How to Enable the New Clipboard?

Windows 10 version 1809 or latest. It is not available in older versions of Windows 10. So, if your Windows 10 is not updated, the first task you have to do is to update your Windows 10 to the latest version.

To enable new Clipboard we have two methods:

1.Enable Clipboard using Windows 10 Settings.

2.Enable Clipboard using the Shortcut.

Enable Clipboard using Windows 10 Settings

To enable Clipboard using settings, follow the below steps:

1.Open settings and click on System.

2.Click on “Clipboard” from the left-hand menu.

3.Turn ON the Clipboard history toggle button as shown in below figure.

4.Now, your new Clipboard is enabled.

Enable Clipboard using the Shortcut

To enable Clipboard using Windows shortcut follow below steps:

1.Use the Windows key + V shortcut. Below screen will open up.

2.Click on Turn on to enable the Clipboard functionality.

After completing the above steps, you can start using the new Clipboard in Windows 10.

How to Sync New Clipboard History?

One of the best features provided by new Clipboard is you can sync your clipboard data across all your other devices and to cloud. To do so follow these steps:

1.Open Settings and click on System as you have done above.

2.Then click on Clipboard from the left-hand menu.

3.Under Sync across devices, turn ON the toggle button.

4.Now you are provided with two choices for Automatic syncing:

It will automatically share all your text or images, present on Clipboard, across all other devices and to cloud.

b.Manually share content from clipboard history: It will allow you to manually select the text or images which you want to share across other devices and to cloud.

5.Choose any one from them by clicking the corresponding radio button.

After doing so as mentioned above, your Clipboard history will now automatically sync across other devices and to cloud using syncing settings you have provided.

How to Clear Clipboard History

If you think, you have very old Clipboard history saved which you no longer need or you want to reset your history then you can clear your history very easily. To do so follow the below steps:

1.Open Settings and click on System as you have done earlier.

2.Click on Clipboard.

3.Under Clear clipboard data, click on the Clear button.

Follow the above steps and your history will be cleared from all devices and from the cloud. But your recent data will remain on history until you delete it manually.

The above method will remove your complete history and only the latest data will remain in history. If you do not want to clean complete history and want to remove only two or three clips then follow below steps:

1.Press Windows key + V shortcut. Below box will open up and it will show all your clips saved in the history.

2.Click on the X button corresponding to clip you want to remove.

Following the above steps, your selected clips will be removed and you will still have access to complete clipboard history.

How to use the New Clipboard on Windows 10?

Using new Clipboard is similar to using old clipboard i.e. you can use Ctrl + C to copy content and Ctrl + V to paste content wherever you want or you can use right-click text menu.

Above method will be directly used when you will want to paste the latest copied content. To paste the content present in history follow the below steps:

1.Open the document where you want to paste content from history.

2.Use Windows key + V shortcut to open Clipboard history.

3.Select the clip you want to paste and paste it at the required place.

How to Disable the New Clipboard in Windows 10

If you feel like you no longer needed new Clipboard, you can disable it using the below steps:

1.Open Settings and then click on System.

2.Click on Clipboard.

3.Turn off the Clipboard history toggle switch, which you have previously turned on.

By following the above steps, your new Clipboard of Windows 10 will be disabled now.


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I hope this article was helpful and you can now easily Use New Clipboard in Windows 10, but if you still have any questions regarding this tutorial then feel free to ask them in the comment’s section.