How to Close and Delete Your Microsoft Account

A Microsoft account is essential for Microsoft services like Microsoft To-Do, One Drive, Skype, Xbox LIVE and Office Online. Services like Microsoft Bing does not want the user to have a Microsoft account. However, some services won’t work until the user have a Microsoft account.

How to Close and Delete Your Microsoft Account

create a restore point  just in case something goes wrong.

Method 1: Delete Your Microsoft Account from Windows 10 Settings

At first, you can try and delete the Microsoft account locally with the help of the Windows 10 Settings. This is a fairly simple process and in no time you will be able to delete your account. To delete the account through Settings follow these steps.


to open it.

and click on it.


lick on Remove.


The Microsoft account will be deleted.

Method 2: Delete the Microsoft Account from the Microsoft website

To delete the Microsoft account you can visit the Microsoft website and delete your complete data from there only. The steps for the process are stated below.

following link in your web browser.

2.Sign in to your Microsoft account, enter the email id, password. A verification code will be sent to your registered phone number or to the email id linked with the account.





6.The date when the account will permanently become close will be displayed and the information about reopening the account will be provided.

The account will take 60 days to become unrecoverable.

Method 3: Delete Your Microsoft Account using netplwiz

If you wish to delete the account very fast and without any hassle then you can use the command netplwiz. To delete the account using this method follow these steps:


2.Type netplwiz under Run and hit Enter or click OK.

3.A new window of User Accounts will open.

which you want to delete and click on Remove.


This is how you can close and delete your Microsoft account easily without any hassle. This is a very fast process and will save a lot of time.

Method 4: How to Update the Microsoft Account

Many times the user operating the Microsoft account feels the need to update the account. The account information like User name and other relevant information needs to be updated by the user. To update the account information you don’t need to worry and go anywhere. You just need to login to your Microsoft account and follow these steps as described below.

website in your web browser.

2.Sign in with your email id.



5.If you want to add name then you can click on Add name.



8.Under account alias, you can add the email address, add a phone number and also you can remove the primary id linked with your account.

This is how you can change your information and add or remove email addresses linked with your account.

Method 5: How to retrieve the deleted Microsoft Account

If you wish to reopen the Microsoft account which you requested to be deleted then you can do it by going on the Microsoft website. You can reopen the account before 60 days from the day you have made the request to delete the account.

following link in the web browser.

2.Enter your email id and press enter. 


4.A code will be sent either to your registered phone number or to the email id linked with the account.


5.After that, your account will be reopened and it will not be marked for closure anymore.


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I hope this article was helpful and you can now easily Close and Delete Your Microsoft Account, but if you still have any questions regarding this tutorial then feel free to ask them in the comment’s section.